Ain't no hair do crazy enough, to keep me from getting to you babe.

So I’m pulling out this story from two years ago because just a few days ago this almost same exact scenario happened yet again. You’ll see. Two years ago: It all started one lazy Sunday with Lily and myself. Lily is much more than my caregiver; she is my sounding board, partner in crime and all around badass of a person that I somehow lucked into having in my life. That morning I had asked dear Lily if she could throw a few braids in my hair; in attempt to get the beachy goddess wave look going on. When I looked in the mirror I could see she had instead given me full on snoop dog, going in a million crazy directions cornrows. After a gentle reminder that yes I am her sister from another mister, but no I do not have black hair, I shrugged it off knowing I was spending the entire day on the couch. So to complete the ensemble I threw on my Aladdin Genie Blue Adidas pants. Yes I like to describe colors based on Aladdin-Jasmine Turquoise is my everything. I topped the look off with my senior week shirt from college. Stunning. I then settled in for a nice marathon of USA network’s fine programming, White Collar. A few short hours later the phone rang from that same beloved Lily.

Me: “Oh hey girl what’s up”

Lily: “Oh not much, um I crashed my car and my mom and I are in the hospital”

I immediately jumped into help mode and asked what she needed from me. She asked me to bring a spare pair of underwear because she may have peed herself a little. Spoiler alert, this won’t be the last story I tell involving accidental urination. Anyways, I jumped in my car and rushed to the hospital, only to realize when I arrived that I looked crazy. I mean ape shit crazy. So in attempt to hide my ‘hurr do I casually threw on an off white beret I had lying in the passenger seat of my car. I’m gonna be honest here I think it really set off the entire look. Did I mention it was July? The next text I received as I was working my way into the hospital was “oh by the way Darrell’s here”

Darrell, oh ok as in your boyfriend and love of your life that I’ve NEVER met. And I’m about to meet. And I look insane. As soon as I strode through those ER doors, Lily started laughing immediately. I soothed myself by feeling happy that I could put a smile on her face in times of crisis. Hey, I’m a giver. I spent the rest of the day bossing around the ER nurses who were doing a shit job. I think my ghetto hobo look added that extra something to help them view me as a serious mature adult. Yes Nurse Jones I may look like an escaped mental patient but I know what I am talking about, and my father is a physician at this hospital. You paged him to confirm? He refuses to acknowledge that we are related once he peeked in and saw me? Oh.


Last week:

So here we are, almost two years later and it’s just a normal unassuming Monday. Lily had just finished putting a deep conditioning treatment in my hair and placed the plastic cap over my head. I sat down in the kitchen to answer some emails when Lily’s cell phone rings. I can immediately tell something is wrong and as soon as she gets off the phone she bursts into tears. Her mother in law was calling to say that Darrell, Lily’s now husband may have just been in a car accident. Lily is shaking and trying desperately to reach him, and I’m not going to lie to you guys, my first thought was, Shit. I can’t believe we are meeting Darrell again at the hospital and I am once again looking like some kind of fool with a madea-esque shower cap on.

It’s all good we can laugh about this guys, turns out her husband was fine and it was just some thugs scamming her and trying to get money from them. Just another Manic Monday.

The moral of this story is- friends before split ends.